Our Vision

Diversa will provide the highest possible education in all its schools to ensure all children, regardless of background or ability, are given the very best start in life and the very best chances and opportunities for their future. 




To promote high standards, aspiration, golden opportunities and outstanding education in every school.



To ensure inclusion, equality and diversity are at the heart of the Trust and everything it does.



To effect sustained school improvement through harnessing the strengths of each individual school and to provide support and intervention to overcome any barriers.



To retain the uniqueness of each school by not enforcing a change of name, logo or uniform.


  1. That a holistic, personalised, child-centred approach to learning and high academic standards are not mutually exclusive.

  2. That every child will be treated as an individual. Every child at every school has their own strengths and barriers which impact on their ability to learn. At all levels of the trust we will analyse those strengths and barriers and offer those children a plan of learning and intervention to harness their strengths and overcome their barriers.

  3. That all children, within the whole of our diverse Trust, are treated equally regardless of background or ability ensuring they all have an equal chance of reaching their potential and aspirational goals.

  4. That all Trust employees are offered high quality CPD to enable career progression at every level with a range of opportunities to share good practice across the Trust.

  5. That collaboration with Teaching Schools (ultimately becoming a Teaching School ourselves) will provide Initial Teacher Training within the Trust and beyond, to regularly breathe new life into each school and the Trust as a whole.

  6. That working with the school communities of each Trust school will lead to sustained school improvement.

  7. That all schools within the Trust work collaboratively and cooperatively in the best interests of all the children. The Trust, through System Leaders, will support other schools within the region. The Trust will work with school communities including pre-school provision, secondary provision, specialist provision, and non-education professionals.

  8. That all adults (staff, volunteers, parents, carers and visitors) will be treated equally regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, family dynamic (Different Families, Same Love) or other aspects of what we look like or where we come from.

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